1. The applicable safety and security conditions in the state of United Arab Emirates shall be taken into consideration no navigation and control devices in the Houseboat shall be touched and you shall stay away from the master of the Houseboat under no circumstances
  2. The Houseboats and its contents of furniture, equipment, and tools shall be preserved and any act that may cause damages to the above mentioned or the Houseboat body internally or externally is not allowed
  3. It is forbidden to get into the houseboat while wearing shoes and it shall be kept clean
  4. It is prohibited to throw wastes in the bathroom or water of the sea and wastes  shall be thrown in the  wastebasket inside the houseboat.
  5. Safety of the passengers is their responsibility with no responsibility on the lessor or its owner 6, everyone under 12 years old or a person who can’t swim shall wear a life jacket.

6.No inflammable materials or fireworks shall be used on the board, smoking is a owed in the houseboat and no alcoholic drinks are allowed inside the houseboat any damage resulting from the misuse, the lessee shall be responsible to make this damage good or pay its value.

  1. It is necessary to abide by the time of booking and end time. If the lessee exceeds the definite time more than 20 minutes approximately, the rental value of one or two full hour shall be charged which shall be paid by the lessee with no objection,
  2. In case of violation of any above provisions, the lessee shall pay compensation for any violation even if he repairs the yacht on his account due
    to his misuse or harmful act or violation of the conditions mentioned in this contract with no responsibility on the company or its owner
  3. If the Houseboat is sunk due to a harmful act committed by the lessee, the lessee shall be responsible to make the damage good and pay the compensation
  4. Must be paid prior to trip start.
  5. Total capacity of Houseboat permitted is 20 passengers including children and infants. A fee of 50 AED per passenger is applicable for additional passengers. Extra passenger fees may vary depending on packages or other promotions.
  6. The deposit or the full amount will be refunded or the reservation is postponed only in case of bad weather or any technical issue,
  7. Payment options-Bank transfer, card via the payment link
  8. I read and understood the above terms and conditions and I am committed to them as well as I will be responsible if I violate them. In witness where of 
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